Parksville Multi-Family Construction

Multi-Family Construction

As cities grow, there comes a time where a movement towards multifamily housing becomes necessary to compress housing into smaller spaces while still creating additional homes. Fueled by population growth, cities are seeing changes in their landscapes and multi-family buildings are in high demand. Whether it's upgrading an existing development or completing a series of new builds, our multi-family construction services cover all aspects of residential development including seismic upgrades, renova-tion, and new construction. We also have experience in all areas of multi-family residential development, from acting as developer to working as a general contractor.

We offer cost effective multi-family construction solutions that keep cost expectations in line with budg-ets. We continuously contribute our feedback throughout the entire design and building process,.Triple H Construction has decades of experience completing residential multi-family construction projects within budgets and to specifications.

We take a relationship management approach to every project. Well before construction commences, we ensure al parties involved understand the financial, schedule and design goals for a project. The spaces we develop are vibrant and dynamic, meeting the desires of the new residents and the needs of the complex owners. We are committed to building highly liveable, impeccable quality multi-family residential buildings safely, on-schedule that new residents are happy to call their home.

Please contact us at (250) 248-8942 if you have a multifamily housing project to discuss.