Interior Design

Interior Design

Many people confuse decorating with interior design. Decorating refers to furnishing and adorning an interior space with fashionable objects to create a beautiful, pleasing result. It is mostly visual with focus on style and expression. Interior Design, however, goes much deeper than the visual surface value. Interior Designers produce functional livable spaces based on people's daily usage behavior. Interior Designers make spaces not only aesthetically pleasing but also the best utilized. Designers often decorate spaces as well but Decorators do not design.

Interior Designers will first consult with you to get an idea of the purpose for the space, how it will be used and your personal preferences. This information is then transformed and injected into the design with goal to optimize and improve the use of the space. Even if you don't have the perfect space to suit your needs, an Interior Designer can help you best utilize it.

Interior Designers can also help with essential selections of color schemes, finishes, fixtures and furnishings. Although these items seem easy to select, the task quickly becomes daunting as the sheer number of choices becomes apparent. An Interior Designer can help guide you to make choices that will contribute best to your overall goals.

Triple H Construction partners with C.A. Design on Vancouver Island for our custom building projects. C.A. Design was established in 1997 and utilizes a comprehensive approach to each of their projects they create homes that compliment the natural envi-ronment of each site, as well as the individual character and lifestyles of our clients.

Please contact us at (250) 248-8942 if you need custom home design for your construction project.